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Perched on the Edge of Time.
The Beauty and Serenity of a Legendary Waterfall.
Breathe Deeply, Freely.
Immerse Yourself in the Cool Waters of Swimming Holes Etched in Ancient Rock.
Relax, Refresh and Renew in this
Sunny and Bright, Charming Victorian Home at the End of a Quiet Country Road.

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Bio: Babs

Babs And The Waterfall Man

If anyone had told me I’d be living in the country with a pie-eyed dog and a highly eccentric man incapable of the sort of logic I pride myself on, I’d have said, “No way!”  After all, I had a somewhat successful career in the Hollywood film and television industry and had learned to navigate within that peculiar and specialized environment.  Life was good.  But it wasn’t enough.  That’s why, one night, after a long, grueling day of work on the Warner Brother’s studio lot in Burbank, I came home,  poured a huge glass of good, red wine and opened to the “personals” in our local, alternative weekly.

His ad flew off the page.  It began:
“FUN, 52, RECENT NYC transplant, sexy, successful, attractive arts entrepreneur, child like, sensitive, open, honest and well therapied........”

That’s how it happened.  That’s how I found myself loving a water man.  I, who had always been a forest woman, began to live by the water. First, at the Sea Castle in Santa Monica.  Not simply facing, but with only a promenade between us and the ocean.  A big, green monster of a building. Polynesia.  Waking up to white sand, palm trees, blue ocean beyond, all that in 320 square feet we shared with my two, large spotted mongrel dogs.  That ended with the earthquake.  

Not long after, fate brought us back to the East Coast, where we lived in Bob’s amazing river view West Village condo.  Here we were, drinking coffee on our terrace while big, white steamships floated past, throngs on deck waving to us as we nonchalantly waved back.

I remember thinking what a perfect place to retire.  No need to drive, a  doorman building with an elevator, and lots and lots to see and do.  

But 9/11 came along, and all that changed.

What a culture shock to move to Saugerties!  Imagine living in a place where you have to drive ten minutes to get a good cup of coffee.  Worse yet, no New York Times on the doorstep in the morning!  Slowly, though, I came to appreciate what the country had to offer.  Seeing deer, wild turkeys,  rabbits,  even an occasional bear,  became thrilling  moments to be savored.  Gradually, deep friendships formed,  and I realized how lucky I was to be part of a community where the pace of life allows for true, unhurried human contact.

While my career in film has drifted away, I find myself screening films and writing reviews for the Woodstock Film Festival.  If you haven’t been, don’t miss it!  This is a Festival that grows in stature every year.  It is an intimate, exciting and “fiercely independent” event where filmmakers and film lovers mingle in a casual and less formal setting than larger, urban festivals.

And I recently published my first novella, "Feeding Mrs. Moskowitz and The Caregiver," (Syracuse University Press), in collaboration with my sister, Fran Yariv.

I suppose we could call our Waterfall Rental a career, as well.  I prefer to think of it otherwise.

To me, our Waterfall Rental is a  way to share what we love with others.  My joy is in creating a welcoming, comforting home for our guests.  You will always find food in the fridge, and art on the walls, books to read and movies to watch.  You may well find yourself mesmirized by the sounds of water and be content to merely witness the miracle of continuity the waterfall teaches.  Or you may choose  to immerse yourself in the cool, invigorating  waters of the swimming holes, sensing, perhaps, all the others who have gone before and found comfort and healing in these very waters.

Some day, we will live here.  We will sense the happy memories left behind by you who have shared this space with us.  Until then, we hope you will return whenever you crave the serenity and beauty of our magical waterfall home.



The Waterfall House LLC was recently featured in,

The New York Times

"House Tour" (May 19, '11)


I know a vale where I would go one day,

When June comes back and all the world once more

Is glad with summer. Deep in shade it lies

A mighty cleft between bosoming hills

A cool dim gateway to the mountains' heart.

  - Bliss Carman, 1906



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